How does it work?

1. The default rule is automatically created and saved in the Rules board when an attribute is matched with a value. 100% of the products are immediately impacted. 
- I completed attribute "quantity" with value "10". 
- I matched attribute "quantity" with my field "stock".

2. When a rule is created, it is automatically placed above the default rule. The rate of products covered is immediately re-calculated. 
Example: My rule #1 is impacting 75% of my products. Therefore, my default rule only impacts now 25% of my products.

3. Then, all new rules will be placed above one to another, and the system will re-calculate the rate of products covered.
Example: My rule #1 was impacting 75% of my products. Now that I have added a rule #2, the rate of product covered has been re-calculated. My default rule does not impact any products anymore as my other rules already are impacting 100% of my products.

IMPORTANT: The calculation of the impacted products works as a funnel all the way down to the default rule. The more rules you add, the fewer products may be impacted in the default rule.

Find below the main steps to create and setup a rule in Lengow.