Complete Attributes Matching

Match your products catalogue fields with the fields requested by the channel, based on fields definitions. If necessary, enter hard values, use functions and/or adapt the values by creating rules. For fields with valid values, select the suggested value or match with your products catalogue values.

If a value is missing in the drop-down menu, please contact your channel account manager and ask for the creation of the concerned value.

Some fields are mandatory and must be completed for your products to be created or updated. Other fields are optional but the channel recommends you fill them in to improve your products visibility.

Lengow recommendations to keep selling history on products when updated.

Keeping your selling history intact is very important. This history will give your listing priority when buyers are searching through eBay. 

  • Activate the option "Out Of Stock" from your eBay Account > site preferences
Please note that Lengow cannot guaranty that selling history will be preserved if your products have been created on eBay "MIP" (Merchant  Integration Platform).
ConditionID attribute

From January 2021, eBay announced that the value code '2000' (refurbished by manufacturer) will no longer be accepted for refurbished items and will be replaced by the value code '2500' (refurbished by seller or third party ).
  • If your items are currently mapped to the value "2000", eBay will automatically change them to the new value "2500".
  • Please apply the value code '2500' for this attribute in Lengow for all your new products whose condition is "renewed".
More info in eBay Documentation.
To improve the visibility of your products in the search results on eBay, it is essential to create detailed product sheets by completing the "Item Specifics". 
eBay FR - Mandatory item specifications have come into effect on February 22, 2021 for all new and existing product listings in the categories
You are no longer be able to publish new product sheets or modify existing product sheets in these categories. 
We encourage you to update your product listings from your Matching Attributes page in Lengow. More information with your eBay account manager.

Another documentation have been issued for eBay US, CA here but regarding other categories changes.