Google Dynamic Search Ads (Google Adwords)

Google Adwords allows you to display text ads related to your site and/or products in response to queries made on Google's search engine.
Google Adwords campaigns are powerful. They also require advertisers daily attention. For e-merchants, these campaigns management can quickly become tedious.

In addition, Google has developed for e-merchants Dynamic Search Ads (DSA). Two systems coexist:

  • The classic DSA. This system uses the content of the e-commerce site to dynamically trigger ads based on requests from users.
  • The DSA with targeting based on data feed which is recorded and regularly updated in Google.

The latter is preferred, because it makes available to Google updated data and thus avoids problems of stock and traffic for unavailable products. It also helps to better control the data in ads.

This present article will focus on the DSA with targeting based on data feed.