Unpublish a product

All channels are not working the same way and Lengow has made sure to offer the right option(s) for each of them. 
Please refer to the "Unpublish/Delete an offer" step in the guide for the marketplaces you are interested in to know the exact way(s) to unpublish a product from the channel.  

Here are the different settings you may encounter in these guides:
  • Delete the product directly from your product catalog. When catalogue is imported, the product won't be found, thus won't be sent to the channel who will delete it.
  • Exclude the product (exclusion procedure here). Depending in the channel possibilities, this will either change stock to 0 or unpublish the products.
  • Complete the necessary attribute in "Matching Attributes" and:
    - pass the quantity of the product to 0 (zero).
    - Fill in the expected value (For example: "out of stock" ...).
    - Complete a specific attribute sucha as "update-delete" with the value "delete"
If the option leads you to the Attributes Matching step in Lengow, read the definition of the attributes to know the expected value.