Version 3.2.2
  • Feature: [import] Addition of order types in the order management screen
  • Feature: [import] Integration of the region code in the delivery and billing addresses
  • Feature: [export] Add option to select which field should be taken from parent products
  • Bugfix: [import] Refactoring of the creation of delivery and billing addresses
  • Bugfix: [export] Fix an if statement in getShippingPrice to check all posibilities
  • Bugfix: Update of the access token when recovering an http 401 code
Version 3.2.1

- Bugfix: Addition of the http 201 code in the success codes

Version 3.2.0

- Feature: Refactoring and optimization of the connector class
- Feature: [import] Protection of the import of anonymized orders
- Feature: [import] Protection of the import for orders older than 3 months
- Feature: Optimization of API calls for synchronisation of orders and actions
- Feature: Display of an alert when the plugin is no longer up to date
- Feature: Renaming from Preprod Mode to Debug Mode
- Bugfix: Refactoring and optimization of dates with the correct locale
- Bugfix: [action] Improved carrier matching with a strict then approximate search
- Bugfix: [import] Enhanced security for orders that change their marketplace name

Version 3.1.3

- Feature: Adding compatibility with php 7.3
- Bugfix: [export] Improvement of the counter of the number of product to be exported
- Bugfix: Catching of the error on the creation of the marketplaces.json file

Version 3.1.2

- Feature: [action] Improved carrier matching with search on carrier code and label
- Bugfix: [import] Save tracking number during updating process
- Bugfix: [export] Export feed does not return the default image when is empty

Version 3.1.1

- Feature: [import] Optimization of the order recovery system
- Feature: [import] Setting up a cache for synchronizing catalogs ids
- Feature: [action] Refactoring and optimization of actions on orders

Version 3.1.0

- Feature: Disabling the Lengow tracker and changing the product ID
- Feature: Registering marketplace data in a json file
- Feature: Optimization of API calls between Magento and Lengow
- Bugfix: Recovery of products to be exported only with the EAV data model
- Bugfix: [action] Management of orders waiting to return from the marketplace
- Bugfix: [export] Caching legacy export data
- Bugfix: Update of the lengow_order table directly after the creation of the Magento order

Version 3.0.2

- Feature: Check and complete an order not imported if it is canceled or refunded
- Feature: Adding links to the new Lengow help center
- Feature: [import] Import the order with the currency of the marketplace
- Feature: [action] Generating a generic error message when the Lengow API is unavailable
- Bugfix: [import] Creating a new track only if the tracking number is present
- Bugfix: [export] Child products not present with the export of inactive products
- Bugfix: Acl correction on the Lengow interface
- Bugfix: [import] Changing the cron url with the default store
- Bugfix: Dependency change for js and css scripts
- Bugfix: [import] Saving tracking data in the lengow_order table
- Bugfix: [import] Improved security to avoid duplicate synchronization
- Bugfix: Optimizing settings backup without cleaning the configuration cache

Version 3.0.1

- Feature: Adding refunded status to order filters
- Feature: Protocol change to https for API calls
- Feature: Managing delivery_date and custom_carrier parameters for sending action
- Bugfix: Adding the isAjax parameter for displaying the Lengow synchronization screen
- Bugfix: [action] Improved function to finish actions longer than three days
- Bugfix: Change css style for Lengow order status label
- Bugfix: [action] Removing of action errors when orders are completed
- Bugfix: [import] Add secondary phone number to addresses when the primary phone is empty
- Bugfix: [action] Deleting the shipping_date parameter in the action check request
- Bugfix: Optimizing the display of errors in the order screen
- Bugfix: Deleting the indefinite index user_id in the connector
- Bugfix: Migration of the id_order and id_order_line fields from the lengow_order_line table

Version 3.0.0

- Feature: Full rewrite for the new platform Lengow
- Feature: Add new lengow Dashboard
- Feature: Add new product selection by store
- Feature: Add new lengow order with new page
- Feature: Add new help page
- Feature: Add new Toolbox page with all Lengow informations
- Feature: Add new legals page
- Feature: Add new lengow simple tag
- Feature: New lengow settings with cleaning old options
- Feature: Creating new accounts directly from the module
- Feature: Management actions and error return
- Feature: Add new actions: re-import, resend and resync orders

Version 2.2.8

- Feature: Incrementing the version for the Magento Marketplace

Version 2.2.7

- Feature: Registering marketplace data in a json file
- Feature: [import] Add secondary phone number to addresses when the primary phone is empty
- Bugfix: [export] Load category ids when product data is empty
- Bugfix: [action] Sending an action in v3 only for orders imported in v3
- Bugfix: [export] Get correct promotion dates for the latest versions of Magento
- Bugfix: [import] Product search on merchant_product_id then marketplace_product_id
- Bugfix: [import] Enhanced security to avoid duplicate orders following v2 / v3 migration

Version 2.2.6

- Feature: Add modifications for the Magento marketplace validator

Version 2.2.5

- Bugfix: [import] Add new external transaction id for order
- Bugfix: [action] Get additional argument if argument list is empty
- Bugfix: [action] Recovery and display of the return of the api
- Bugfix: [action] Don't send default value for additional argument
- Bugfix: [action] Notice for default value in description argument

Version 2.2.4

- Feature: Add new root for synchronise order with Lengow
- Feature: Add new logs to send actions

Version 2.2.3

- Feature: Add new parameters in marketplace call action with default value
- Bugfix: Change simple tag with new variables
- Bugfix: [import] Get full_name field in order API

Version 2.2.2

- Bugfix: [import] Add new legacy_code in marketplace class

Version 2.2.1

- Feature: Import process compatible with v2 and v3 platform Lengow at the same time

Version 2.2.0

- Feature: New version compatible with v3 platform Lengow

Version 2.1.2

- Feature: [Export] New way to export product (speed optimisation)
- Feature: [Export] Check if export feed is already launch
- Feature: [Export] Clean old timestamp export files in media / store > 10 days
- Feature: [Export] Clean lengow_feed file generate by cron if "active_store" is set to false
- Bugfix: [Import] Don't use Rate price conversion when importing Order
- Bugfix: [Import] Fix Exception Quote with a second parameter missing
- Bugfix: [Import] Fix use "," in group ID
- Bugfix: [Import] Fix search by id with regex
- Bugfix: [Export] Fix bug stores with different currency
- Bugfix: [ACL] Fix acl permissions
- Bugfix: [Export] Clean Json & Yaml format

Version 2.1.1

- Feature: Debug interface (lengow_debug)
- Bugfix:[Export] Fix compatibility with old version of php ([] => array())

Version 2.1.0

- Feature: The Group IP must be set for each store not globally
- Feature: New option to active feed by store (don't forget to active feed with that)
- Feature: You can choose product to export in "Manage Products Export" by store or Globally
- Feature: Cancelled products are no longer imported in orders
- Bugfix: [Export] Fix selection of products to export in "Manage Products Export" by store
- Bugfix: Optimizing the export process
- Bugfix: Rewriting the import process

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