Contact the marketplace to know if you are eligible to sell your products on their website.

To distribute your products on this marketplace, check that your products catalogue contains the data normally required.

Note: you don't have these values in your products catalogue? Contact the Lengow Support Team to find an alternative.


If you want to sell your products on different Spartoo countries sites, add Spartoo channels in your Lengow account for countries you target.

Please note that Sparto requests a single feed when you sell on multiple countries. To match that need, we gather your Spartoo different feeds into one single feed to send you products information.

The first Spartoo feed you create and activate in Lengow is considered as the "Master feed". 

This feed'll be the one that'll serve as the basis to integrate products on Spartoo. It is important that this country feed match with the reference country on your Contract with Spartoo. If you don't know which is the reference contract, please contact your Spartoo account manager.

Also, it is important to do the whole set up for this "master feed".

For other "countries feeds", only a partial set up is requested.

If the first activated feed doesn't match with the reference feed, please contact us to do the change.

No EAN Matching

Spartoo doesn't allow EAN Matching, that is to say it'll not be possible for you to link your offers to product pages already existing on this channel.

Categories Matching on "countries feeds" isn't necessary, since categories from the "master feed" will be the one sent to Spartoo.  
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