Woocommerce - Changelog


Woocommerce - Changelog

Woocommerce - Changelog
Version 2.3.2 
  • Feature: [import] Addition of order types in the order management screen
  • Feature: [import] Addition of the currency conversion option in the order option panel
  • Feature: [import] Integration of the region code in the delivery and billing addresses
  • Bugfix: Update of the access token when recovering an http 401 code

Version 2.3.1

- Bugfix: Addition of the http 201 code in the success codes

Version 2.3.0

- Feature: Refactoring and optimization of the connector class
- Feature: [import] Protection of the import of anonymized orders
- Feature: [import] Protection of the import of orders older than 3 months
- Feature: Optimization of API calls for synchronisation of orders and actions
- Feature: Display of an alert when the plugin is no longer up to date
- Feature: Renaming from Preprod Mode to Debug Mode
- Bugfix: Refactoring and optimization of dates with the correct locale

Version 2.2.1

- Feature: Adding compatibility with php 7.3
- Feature: Update of the GNU General Public License in version 3
- Feature: Add readme.txt file for WordPress validation
- Bugfix: Change Plugin URI for WordPress validation

Version 2.2.0

- Feature: [import] Added import order management
- Feature: [action] Manage ship and cancel actions on order
- Feature: Implementation of the new Lengow order management screen
- Feature: [action] Automatic verification of actions sent to the marketplace
- Feature: [action] Automatic sending of action if the first shipment was a failure
- Feature: Setting up the simple Lengow tracker
- Feature: Sending a report email with order import and action upload errors
- Feature: Viewing Lengow Information on the WooCommerce order
- Feature: [action] Adding a Lengow send block on the WooCommerce order to populate carrier data
- Feature: Adding a order resynchronisation button with Lengow
- Feature: [import] Adding a reimport command button and Lengow technical error status

Version 2.1.1

- Feature: [import] Optimization of the order recovery system
- Feature: [import] Setting up a cache for synchronizing catalogs ids
- Feature: [export] Recovering parent images for the variation
- Bugfix: [export] Recovering all distinct attributes in SQL query

Version 2.1.0

- Feature: Registering marketplace data in a json file
- Feature: Optimization of API calls between PrestaShop and Lengow
- Bugfix: [export] Caching legacy export data
- Bugfix: [export] Improved deletion of duplicate headers
- Bugfix: [export] Correction of the counter on the total number of products

Version 2.0.2

- Feature: Adding links to the new Lengow help center
- Feature: [Export] Adding shipping_class field to the export feed
- Bugfix: [Export] Management of duplicate fields
- Bugfix: [Export] Checking for the description if a parent product is null
- Bugfix: Instantiation of the wpdb component for the update process
- Bugfix: [Export] Exclusion of variations without parent from export feed
- Bugfix: [import] Improved security to avoid duplicate synchronization

Version 2.0.1

- Feature: Complete refactoring of the installation and update processes
- Feature: Protocol change to https for API calls
- Bugfix: Add indexes to database to speed up the display of product grid
- Bugfix: Deleting the indefinite index user_id in the connector

Version 2.0.0

- Feature: Full rewrite for the new platform Lengow
- Feature: Add new lengow Dashboard
- Feature: Add new product selection
- Feature: Add new stock synchronisation page
- Feature: Add new help page
- Feature: Add new Toolbox page with all Lengow informations
- Feature: Add new legals page
- Feature: New lengow settings with cleaning old options
- Feature: Creating new accounts directly from the module

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