Steps in brief

To display your products on this marketplace, check that your products catalogue contains the required datas.
Note: you don't have these values in your products catalogue? Contact Lengow's Support Team to find an alternative.

At the orders management stage, Zalando requires you to produce specific documents to be included in your deliveries. These documents can be retrieved from the Lengow Orders API.     

Specific case for multilingual country: For Belgium which is French and Dutch speaking, you need to have two masterdatas thus two feeds in Lengow. Zalando BE_FR and Zalando BE_NL .
The Zalando channel isn't available to be added directly from your Lengow account, so it’s important you follow steps detailed below
A masterdata is unique and required per country. For the Lengow platform, one masterdata = one Lengow feed.
Make sure you indicate to our Support team with Zalando country you need when you send them your masterdata.